Build Blogging Habit with Reminders in Your WordPress App

Years ago, people were used to keeping diaries with them to write their innate thoughts, personal experiences, and goals. With the emergence of technology in every field, blogs have largely taken the status of diaries. Blogs can be regarded as journals or digital diaries where writers communicate with their audience to express their feelings, thoughts, and emotions about the things that matter to them.
Some people write blogs as a diary, and some go a step ahead and look for monetary benefits. Many people don’t even know how they can make money through their blogs.
What is Blogging?
Blogging is the act of sharing your experiences and ideas with your audience through any digital platform. Blogging refers to creating content for informing and educating people about anything that you may feel is essential.
Blogging allows an ordinary man to be a man of power and words. This channel can help its user build his community where he holds a particular influence and helps him earn a living through many ways of monetization.
Why do people blog?
There are many reasons because of which people choose to do blogging
Some people want to share their living style and whatever is happening in their lives.
Some people like to do blogging to educate others about some topic in which they are experts.
Some people want to earn a living through blogging.
Some people opt to blog to promote their existing business.
Some people travel worldwide and share their experiences, and others cook food and share the recipes.
Some people want to bring about some social change, and they choose to blog for this purpose.
Already a blogger?
What is your reason for blogging? No matter what it is, writing is critical to engage your audience and improve your writing skills. Through regular writing, you can meet your blogging goals and keep on engaging your audience.
Keep up your blogging habit through reminders
Have you ever gone through some situation where you forget to maintain consistency in your blogging habit due to some reason?
Do you forget blogging for days?
Then, don’t worry, as WordPress has unlocked a feature that pushes a notification to keep your blogging habit on track. If your App does not support this feature, you are required to update it. Choose the days when you want to post, and WordPress will automatically send you a notification at the set date and time to remind you.
For setting a blogging reminder, you have to go to the „My Site“ tab. Then, you are required to scroll down and tap on the „Site Setting.“ Further, under the General tab, you will find the “Blogging Reminder.“
Here, you need to select the days you need to post and the Appropriate time for this purpose. Through push notification, you will get a reminder at the time you would have set in.
This feature is only specific for App users and not for website users.