10 Benefits of WordPress for Powering Your Company’s Website

WordPress was created in 2003; since then, it has enjoyed the status of the most commonly used Content Management System around the globe. It is a go-to CMS for blogging and non-blogging websites because it provides you with a lot of control to make every aspect of your website customized according to your will. Discussed below are the reasons that tell you why you should choose WordPress for building your company’s website.
Leading CMS choice
WordPress allows your company to grow from a start-up level to the building of an enterprise. It is the most preferred choice of business owners because it provides a user with several customizing options like free plugins, unique themes, and an email management facility.
It is free
WordPress is a free CMS and blogging platform. It is managed by a group of volunteers from around the globe who are continuously striving to make it better for providing its users with the best experience. Therefore, it is an open-source project and a completely free platform that does not charge even a single penny from its users.
It is safe to use
WordPress is a platform that one can rely on because no one wants to be vulnerable to threats and security risks, especially when submitting private and sensitive information online. The WordPress team is well aware of this concern of its consumers. Hence they are continuously teaming up with the hosting companies to make WordPress as secure a platform as possible.
Search Engine ranking
WordPress is a powerful platform. It always strives to make sure that the websites of its consumers rank well on the Google search engine. Google lets your website crawl and provides you with a head start to rank above your competitors on search engines.
Mobile friendly
Many people now search for things on their mobile instead of opening a laptop for this purpose. The interface of many websites is not friendly to open on mobile phones. However, this is not the case with the websites built using WordPress because it is a mobile-friendly platform. The mobile-friendly websites provide visitors what they are looking for instantly. It also contributes to its possibility of ranking better on search engines.
Multiple users friendly
Some businesses require multiple users to manage a website. With WordPress, you can create different roles for different users with separate login details and varying access levels.
Whatever your organization is about, you can build a customizable website according to your needs. You can play with images, text, font, videos, typography, and other content to make your website visually appealing.
No HTML editing is required
While developing your website with WordPress, you don’t need to have any HTML editor. You can create a new post, develop a new page, format a text, upload your content, and all that you desire without requiring the help of any HTML editor.
Scaling means maintaining consistency in the loading behavior of an application or website when the number of users scales up. A WordPress website can allow you to have thousands of logged-in users and run at lightning speed as well.
Easy to use
WordPress is an easy-to-use platform; you can easily manage it without prior technical knowledge. You can easily install and develop it and create content on it.